Jim ABC 221462 (pedigree)
born 1-2-03
by Tim ABC 139698 (son of Derek Scrimgeour's Ben) and out of Lyn ABC 160030 (see above).
Jim is currently retired.


Li ABC 371660

born 8/19/2011

by Imp Dan 314817(see below) and out of Annie 293969

Li is one of the nicest young dogs I have raised and trialed. We just moved her to Open in July of 2015 and she looks like she will be a great trial dog.

Dan ISDS 289202 (pedigree)
ABC 314817

born 1/26/07

by Derek Scrimgeour's Ben ISDS 220939

out of S.T. Birkett's Mossy ISDS 261002

Dan was imported from Derek Scrimgeour.

Dan is a full brother to Derek's Bob. Moved to Open in August of 2010. Placed in his second Open Trial.

2009/10 OSDS Pro Novice Dog of the Year. Western States Regional Reserve Champion 2010.

Imp Lyn ABC 160030 (pedigree)
by Derek Scrimgeour's Sweep ISDS 198150 and out of his Lyn ISDS 227341 both English team members.
Lyn was very stylish and intense. Although too hard to handle as a trial dog, her pups were in great demand. Her last litter was born in September of 2007. CEA DNA Normal.
CR Skye ABC 231520
born 8/02/03
by Haley Howard's National Cattledog Champion Imp Cap ABC 192619
out of Sandi Newton's Moon's Sunshine ABC 221287(our Art and Moon)
Skye was a main part of Dan's cow dog team.

Imp Ted ABC 151779 (pedigree)
born 1997-2015
by Clifton Taff ISDS 221711 out of Crangh-Floss ISDS 184925
Ted is retired from trialing now but standing at stud. Originally from Con McGarry in Ireland, Geri got him from Derek Scrimgeour.
He was a lot of fun to work and taught Geri a great deal about trialing. CEA DNA Normal.

Lyn and Ted produced Derek Scrimgeour's several time English Team Member Fleece and Angie Driscoll's Welsh Team Member Meg.


Photos of pups we have sold

These photos are of a pup named Geri. He is out of Lyn and by Ted.
He is from the first Ted x Lyn liltter.

Geri is owned by Yuko Watanabe of Japan
Isn't this a great photo?

Fleece is a pup out of Lyn by Ted who went to Derek Scrimgeour in England. She is from the 2nd Ted x Lyn litter.

A close up of Fleece.

Meg is from the same litter and is owned by Angie Driscoll of England.

Close up of Meg

Sweep is from the first Ted x Lyn litter and is owned
by Rodrigo Pulici of Brazil

From his owner:" Sweep ran his first trial this afternoon It was a regional trial that qualify to the Brazilian Finals and .........
.......HE WON THE NOVICE TRIAL!!!!! and.... He did the new Brazilian Trial record, he did 60 points from 60 points!!!! ( 20 pts. to outrun, 10 pts. to Lift, 20 pts. to Fetch and 10 pts. to Pen)"

"NEWS!!!!! GOOD NEWS!!!!
Sweep won his second trail !!!!! 42/60 points on Novice.....( Outrun 150 meters-20/20 points, Lift 10/10 points, Fetch 2/10 points, Pen 8/10 points)

This should be a great dog!!!!!! "

Woody, owned by Julie Carter of Canada
Ted x Lyn pup at 15 months

Woody again

Rosie, owned by Wendy Roller of Daleville, AL

Ted x Lyn pup at 6 months

This is our Annie at 7 months,

littermate to Rosie on left

Bo at his first agility trial

owned by Jonathan Hanridge

of Arizona.

Bo is from the 2nd Ted x Lyn litter

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