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This Contract is made this_____day of______,20__, by and between:

Byrne’s Border Collies acting as distributors of frozen semen. and:

Name___________________________________________________, hereinafter buyer.




Byrne’s Border Collies agrees to supply to buyer ______doses of frozen semen from the dog__________________________________.

Registration #__________________in exchange for ,a fee of $ ______________

Sales tax ____________________

Tank Rental __________________

Shipping ____________________

TOTAL $ ____________________

Owner represents and agrees to:

Bitchís name_____________________________Registration#________________

Date of Birth___________________



Address of Vet_______________________________________________________

Telephone # of Vet________________________

Frozen Semen is to be purchased and paid before shipping, to

Byrne’s Border Collies

3701 County Road 114

Tulelake, CA 96134


Buyer agrees to return shipping containers within 48 hours of arrival.

All of the above mentioned fees are payable upon execution of this contract. Buyer understands and agrees that Byrne’s Border Collies will ship no semen until all fees have been paid in full.

The buyer understands and agrees to have the bitch inseminated by a veterinarian experienced in canine reproduction and will breed the bitch and will strictly follow the frozen semen thawing and insemination protocol furnished with the semen.

Indemnity Clauses:

The Buyer understands that the Buyer agrees to assume all responsibility for the condition of the bitch and shall bear all risk of loss, damage, of injury to the bitch from any cause whatsoever and therefore agrees to hold Byrne’s Border Collies and dog owner (seller), or any person employed by or associated with Byrne’s Border Collies or dog owner (seller), harmless for any injury or illness to the bitch associated in any way with breeding with frozen semen provided by Byrne’s Border Collies .

The Buyer specifically understands that Byrne’s Border Collies makes no warranties or guarantees, either expressed, implied or by any means of interpretation in connection with this agreement.

The buyer expressly understands that Byrne’s Border Collies is acting only as a clearinghouse in providing frozen semen as a service to breeders. Buyer specifically understands that there is no puppy guarantee with any frozen semen provided by Byrne’s Border Collies and further understands that Byrne’s Border Collies shall be held harmless for any errors, failed inseminations, failure of bitch to conceive, failure of bitch to reach term, diseases or injuries to bitch, or any other mishaps attributable to frozen semen artificial insemination.

The parties agree that the terms and conditions stated herein set forth the entire agreement of the parties.

Signed _____________________________Date_______________

Signed _____________________________Date_______________

Border Collie Training Center
3701 County Road 114
Tulelake, CA 96134 USA
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